ABOUT the Weaver Mountains Chamber of Commerce

Each community in the Weaver Mountains region is unique in its own way; with unique histories, geologies/topographies/biodiversity, local culture and customs, demographics and local economies. The region as a whole offers diverse and individual experiences and opportunities for residents, businesses and visitors: There are schools, churches, fire districts, water companies, restaurants, artists, crafts folk, antiques, ranches, cemeteries, historical societies, community gardens, community centers, professional services, hiking/walking trails, bicycle and motor cycle routes, and so much more spanning that 25 mile range.

Winding its way through the Weaver Mountains is Arizona Scenic State Route 89, a leg on the historic trans-continental, border to border US 89. The communities along and proximate to the SR 89 corridor in the Weaver Mountains region are: Congress, Stanton/Octave, Glen Ilah, Yarnell, Peeples Valley, Kirkland Junction, Wagoner, Walnut Grove, Wilhoit, Kirkland, Hillside and Skull Valley covering some nearly 400 sq. miles.

Charles Tidey - President Board of Directors
Marlene Milner - Vice President Board of Directors
Helen Stranton - Secretary and Treasurer Board of Directors
Michael Thomas - WebSite Chair - Member of Board of Directors
Trish Edwards - Yarnell Daze Coordinator - Member of Board of Directors
Susan Abrare - Member of Board of Directors
Ed Williams - Member of Board of Directors

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Mission statement:

“Happy visitors, friendly Businesses, and a thriving Community Sharing the beauty of the Weaver Mountains.”

Vision Statement:

To establish the Weaver Mountains regional identity as a place of economic vigor, with a resilient diverse culture, resplendent with natural, human and authentic regional assets/resources and a place where visitors, businesses, and residents are welcome and can enjoy their highest quality of life.

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